Checking Your Battery with a Midtronic Tester

Metallica once sang “Cannot kill the family, Battery is found in me…” While a battery is found under the hood in your car, it isn’t the beacon of immortality that Metallica once described. A dead battery can provide a brief setback, but it isn’t necessarily the end of the world. Sometimes your car won’t start, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a dead battery. Using a Midtronic tester can easily determine the life status and expectancy of one.

Midtronic Tester for a car battery

What is a Midtronic Tester? How does one Work? 

A Midtronic tester is used to measure the conductance of an AC (Altered Current). By attaching a Midtronic sensor to a car’s battery, a mechanic can run a brief diagnostic test to make sure that all the battery cells are operating in working order and all of the connections are properly attached. This test is rather easy and is performed in a matter of seconds.

What Problems Can a Midtronic Tester Detect? 

If you have a car that won’t start, there are a few problems that a Midtronic tester can test for.  

  • Dead Battery Just like the batteries you had in your Walkman as a kid, time eventually comes calling. Two to five years is the expected life span of a car battery. After this time period, a battery loses the ability to hold a charge. If a battery tests fine, it’s a possibility that the cables or connections have substantial corrosion.
  • Bad Alternator An alternator is the device that helps charge the battery when it isn’t in use. If one happens to fail, it’s most likely due to a bad voltage regulator. A faulty regulator can limit the voltage being supplied to the battery, and subsequently cause it to fail.
  • Worn or Broken Belts Many of the devices needed to make your car function operate with a series of belts. A belt that has too much slack, or has broken can cause these essential components to not work properly. Changing a broken belt requires a certain amount of skill and isn’t as easy as it might sound. Be sure to consult a professional for assistance.

If you find yourself experiencing battery trouble or are having an issue with your car, don’t hesitate in bringing it to Dave’s Auto Repair in Sarasota for service and to be examined by one of our expert technicians. All of our staff are ASE-certified and have over thirty years of experience. Your car is an investment—don’t trust it to just anyone. Visit us online for more information or to request an appointment.

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