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When you first become a Subaru owner, you’re likely not aware that you need to do certain vehicle services in the first year of owning your vehicle and every year after. Undergoing routine vehicle maintenance is incredibly important as it keeps you safe and the other drivers on the road safe.

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Additionally, undergoing routine maintenance on your Subaru at Dave’s Auto Repair will ensure it continues performing according to its capabilities. If you would like to ensure you remove any confusion surrounding your Subaru vehicle services, have a look below to learn more about the usual maintenance schedule during your first year and beyond. 

A Few Driving Habits For Your First Year Of Owning A Subaru

Before we delve into what you need to know about Subaru services, we thought it prudent to discuss a few driving habits to consider during your first year of owning a Subaru. 

Although routine services help your vehicle extend its lifetime, if you treat it badly in the first year of owning it, you could experience countless mechanical problems in the future. Have a look below to learn what you should do when driving a new Subaru. 

● Try to keep your RPMs under 4,000.

● Drive safely, calmly, and slowly for the first 1,000 miles. 

● Drive your Subaru on city roads and highways. 

● Always vary your speeds when driving on city roads and highways. 

● Don’t drive until the engine is properly warmed up. You will be alerted to this via the cold. 

Subaru Maintenance Services: What To Expect

Owning a Subaru is often an exhilarating experience. Still, it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t take care of your car by undergoing routine services from the first year of owning it. During your first year as a Subaru vehicle owner, you need to ensure to book a minimum of two service appointments at Dave’s Auto Repair

As soon as your vehicle clocks 6,000 miles or six months of ownership, you need to book your 6,000-mile service. At this first service booking, your vehicle will receive an oil filter change, engine oil change, and a tire inspection and rotation by one of our expert technicians. 

Your Subaru will need to undergo its second service as soon as you clock 12,000 miles or one year of ownership. At this second service, our qualified technicians can perform the following: 

● They will replace your A/C filter. 

● Your tires will be inspected and rotated. 

● Your clutch operation, suspension, brakes, and steering will be inspected. 

● Your oil and engine filters will be replaced.

● They will replace the rear differential oil filter. 

After your first year of owning a Subaru, you should consider servicing your car every six months or 6,000 miles. This will ensure it continues to meet your performance expectations and remain a safe mode of transportation. Additionally, you might need to also consider undertaking emergency services if you notice anything wrong with your vehicle. 

Get Subaru Service at Dave’s Auto

Frequent and routine auto repair services are one of the best tools you have to lengthen the lifespan of your Subaru. That’s why you should consider sending your car to a reputable service center like Dave’s Auto Repair for service every six months or 6,000 miles. 

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