How To Know You Need An Alignment

Here’s an interesting bit of trivia for you; human being spends an average of 101 minutes of their day in traffic. Which means, unless you’re VERY talented with your knees, you’ll be spending more of that time gripping a steering wheel. If something was wrong with your wheel, would you be able to tell? Logic says yes, as muscle memory built over time has acclimated you to the proper position that your wheel is supposed to be at. If something seems amiss with your steering wheel, it might be an indication that your car might need its wheels aligned

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Listen to Your Car 

While your car isn’t a sentient being, listening closely to the noises and sounds it makes can you tell you a lot about how well it’s running. For example, a good way to tell that either your brakes or belts need servicing is a loud, ominous, screech that’s audible every time you drive. A sure fire sign your car needs its alignment fixed is more of a physical symptom and not an audible one. 

This is what’s often referred to as “drifting” or “pulling.” If you’re driving in a straight line and your car keeps wanting to veer to one side, this is a key indication that an alignment issue I present. A good way to make sure is to briefly let go of the steering wheel. If your vehicle begins to “drift” to the left or right then your alignment is most likely off. 

Off Center Wheel 

If you have to hold your steering wheel at an awkward angle in order to travel in a straight line, this is a dead giveaway that a four-wheel alignment is needed. It’s advised that you get this taken care of as soon as possible, failing to do so can cause sustainable damage to your car and impede its fuel economy. 

Loose or Shaking Steering Wheel 

Your car’s steering wheel is one of the best indicators regarding your wheels being aligned properly. If your wheels are aligned properly, the steering wheel should be firm, stiff, and only moved when you decide to do so. If you notice that the wheel has begun to vibrate while you’re driving or feels loose—take it in for service immediately. 

Uneven Wear and Tear

If your car has been exhibiting these symptoms, but you’re still unsure if it’s a problem with the alignment, look at the wear and tear on your tires. If the tread depth is uneven, take your car in to be serviced by a professional. 

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