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With proper care, your Ford vehicle can bring you many cherished years and seemingly endless miles of enjoyment. Dave’s Auto Repair provides a general timeline below regarding recommended maintenance scheduling. Keep in mind that extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum, individual driving habits, and hauling heavy cargo play their parts in affecting the mileage increments between routine service appointments

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Every 5,000 Miles: Have the oil changed every six months or 5,000 miles and note the condition of your tires. Tires commonly suffer from wear and tear every 5,000 miles or so and should be replaced if you detect worn tread. See to it that the tires get rotated so that they wear evenly. If you drive a diesel auto, the air filter should be replaced and the vehicle’s air filter minder needs to be inspected.

Every 15,000 Miles: Inspect automatic transmission fluid level and the brake system which encompasses the pads, rotors, brake lines, drums, hoses, and shoes. The parking brake necessitates an examination as well. A properly functioning steering system is crucial; therefore, the suspension, driveshaft, ball joints, and steering linkage should be checked as a part of the service schedule. Your automobile’s entire engine cooling system which includes hoses, radiator, and water pump needs to be checked. Have the wheel ends inspected for unusual noises. Steering linkage on trucks and 4X2 ball joints on most pickup trucks must be lubricated and inspected, while diesel vehicles require the replacement of the fuel filter. No matter which rides your sport, be certain to change the air filter routinely to ensure the best quality of air for you and your passengers.

At the 30,000-mile anniversary, climate-controlled seat filters on certain models require replacing.

At 100,000 Miles: Replace spark plugs and PCV valve, change yellow coolant, inspect accessory drive belts, and install new ones if necessary. The camshaft belt must be replaced on 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engines. 

At 150,000 Miles: Inspect the exhaust system and heat shields as the system may show signs of wear attributed to rust. Change the rear axle lubricant on all rear-wheel-drive cars and replace the timing belt if you have not already done so. The time has also arrived to change the front axle lubricant.

Aside from routine maintenance geared towards the particular model of automobile that you drive, bring your car to a professional mechanic regarding anything that seems odd or unsettling. Make it a habit to glance at all the lights on your dashboard as they indicate that attention is needed and never dismiss any alerts. 

Your vehicle is always in good hands when taken to Dave’s Auto Repair. We perform all routine maintenance as well as top-notch repairs. We are located at 4547 Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota, Florida, and may be contacted at (941) 371-5981.

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