Your Car May Be Due for an Oil Change

Check the Oil

Although it is usually recommended that drivers check the oil around once a month, it is best to refer to your owner’s manual. Keep in mind that oil should always be brown or black in color. If the oil looks light, cloudy, or you see particles within, it is crucial that you bring your vehicle to a professional mechanic at once for further examination as there may be a leak or other damage.

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Frequency of Changing Oil

Your owner’s manual can provide you with information about how often to change the oil. Whether you drive your car extremely often, moderately, or once in a while, it is vital that the oil remains pristine at all times. Even if you travel a considerably lower amount of miles each year than when your manual recommends changing the oil, you should still be taking your automobile for routine oil changes every six months. Since motor oil deteriorates over time, extra moisture that forms in an engine that does not become warm enough is not able to be expelled. Unfortunately, this occurrence may cause the engine to have a shorter lifespan. A large number of newer makes and models of vehicles are equipped with handy service reminder monitors that include letting drivers know when it is time to change the oil. 

Type of Oil

This information will be noted in your owner’s manual. In many newer models, the weight of the vehicle’s motor oil is indicated on the cap itself at the location where the oil actually gets added. If you can’t locate your manual or have any questions, contact a trusted technician for accurate information about the proper oil you should be using for your specific automobile.

Synthetic Oil

Some vehicles require the use of synthetic oil. The benefits of synthetic oil are that it successfully combats disintegration, lasts for a longer duration than standard oil, and can tolerate high temperatures. You can easily verify how often you should have synthetic oil changed by referring to your owner’s manual or speaking with an expert in the field. Synthetic oil is also advantageous to engines that are more likely to get sludge buildup since it is quite effective in counteracting this potentially harmful problem. 

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