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While they’ve since separated themselves from Dodge, Ram trucks remain the ultimate symbol of independence. Offering consumers finely finished cabins that offer the comfort and amenities usually reserved for a luxury sedan, and out towing and performing rivals such as Ford and Chevrolet. A Ram truck is an investment, and in order for you to recoup a considerable return, keeping up with routine maintenance is important. Just like how your Ram runs like clockwork, Dave’s Auto Repair has taken the time to provide a timetable for when you should bring your workhorse in. 

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8,000 to 10,000 Miles 

It’s around this time when maintenance becomes absolutely critical to keeping your vehicle on the road and running well. The best way to start is with an oil change and tire rotation. Owners of the Ram should begin their first major maintenance at around 10,000 miles. This includes an oil change and tire rotation but also pertains to inspections of the battery, transmission, exhaust, and drivetrain. 

20,000 Miles 

Here’s where things begin to get more complex for Ram owners. At 20,000 miles, more care has to be implemented to make sure things run smoothly and efficiently. As well as, Suspension and brake lines should be thoroughly checked. Don’t forget the axle, transmission, and brakes should all be looked over. 

30,000-60,000 Miles 

For Ram Owners, repairs become much more involved with the inspection of the C/V joints and the front and rear axle. At around 50,000 miles, it’s advisable to have your transmission properly serviced, which includes a flush and the changing of the fluid. 

For the C/V joints, brakes, and axles should be inspected every 10,000 miles after the vehicle passes the 20,000-mile mark. Because the truck has more strain on the power and drivetrains, staying on top of the routine maintenance is important. 

90,000 Miles and Up 

If properly maintained, a Ram can last far beyond the 100,000 mark. Having the transmission and engine serviced every 10,000-20,000 miles will keep your Ram on the road and running like a champion. 

Dave’s Auto Repair in Sarasota 

Proper care and routine maintenance for any vehicle are imperative for keeping it running for a long time. At Dave’s Auto Repair, you’ll find exquisite service from top-notch technicians who know what’s best for your vehicle. For more information, cruise one over to

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