9 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Vehicle

Air Filter 

The usual recommendation for changing your auto’s air filter is approximately every 12,000 miles. A dirty air filter lessens the quality of oxygen in your car and also decreases fuel efficiency.

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Exterior Protection

It is ideal to park your car in a garage or under an awning if you are able to do so. Placing a sunshade on the windshield decreases fading, and cracking, and maintains a cooler temperature inside of your auto.


If your automobile no longer blows the same cool air as before, you may require your refrigerant to be replaced. It’s best to take your system to a professional technician right away so that additional problems do not occur.

Additional Vehicles

Start the engine and turn on the air conditioning of any additional vehicles that you have. If you notice that performance doesn’t seem quite right, get the air conditioner system checked along with a look at the refrigerant level.

Routine Service

Your AC system should be serviced once a year so that any deficiencies are detected and repaired. This normally includes air vent temperature check, recycling or replacement of operating gas, an inspection of the hose and its surrounding parts, inspection and possible replacement of the air filter, leak test of AC system, sanitization of the AC system, adjustment of drive belts, and examination of valves and thermostats.

Take it Easy

Start out with the AC low and then adjust it to higher settings gradually so that you aren’t overworking the system as soon as you turn on your car. Keep your recirculation mode on at all times as this prevents the AC system from pulling in hot air from the outdoors.

Stale Smell

Make certain that you clean the air vents during your routine interior cleaning regimen. By pairing regular cleaning with a new air filter each time, any buildup will be decreased which can lead to odor. Another method for avoiding an unpleasant smell is to run your vehicle’s defrost mode when you turn on the engine for five to ten minutes prior to raising the AC to full power. Doing so will block mildew from accumulating by removing any excess moisture.

Worn Compressor

If any oil or freon leaks, noises when using the air conditioning, or erratic operation of your AC come to your attention, it is crucial to have your compressor examined.

All Year Long

Since air conditioning also removes humidity, it works great for clearing windshield fog and boosting visibility. By using the AC throughout the year, the system does not get overworked when turned on after being dormant for many months.

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