You Should Avoid Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes have been popular for many years due to their convenience. Yes, automatic car washes save you time, but in reality, it’s not the best option. You may not have realized but this specific type of wash can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at why you should be avoiding automatic car washes. 

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Harsh Products & Tools

To save on operational costs automatic car wash businesses may be purchasing lower-quality cleaning products. The main ingredient in cheaper cleaning products is acid which can sometimes make appearances at touchless car washes. Of course, when the wash is done your car will look perfectly clean, but over time the acid will cause your car’s paint and protective wax to erode. The products aren’t the only thing damaging your car. Harsh tools such as rotating brushes can cause scratches and swirls that will eventually dull the appearance of your car. 

Recycled Water

Although automatic car washes are environmentally friendly, the water used can still cause damage. Automatic car washes are designed to reuse water but it’s not always 100% efficient. There may still be some contaminants left behind in the purification system, unfortunately. This will result in excess dirt and debris scratching your car’s surface as it’s going through the wash. 

Accumulated Dirt 

The purification system isn’t the only place where dirt can accumulate. Automatic touchless car washes have a lack of contact when it comes to thoroughly clean your vehicle. Hard-to-reach trouble spots may not always be identified by the automatic systems. Certain areas of your car will need more attention than what the system can provide. This will lead to accumulated dirt on your car making it look more and more dismal as time goes on. 

Poor Drying Techniques 

When it comes to drying your car, the automatic systems can also have problems providing full coverage. When driving in a vehicle that hasn’t been completely dried, spots and streaks will appear. If these spots aren’t cleaned right away you’ll be spending more time and money on polishing over time. The hand dry option is much more efficient if soft and clean towels are being used. Be sure to look out for abrasive and dirty towels that will also result in scratches and damage to your vehicle’s paint. 

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