Symptoms Your Thermostat May Make to Keep an Eye On

Warning Lights and Codes 

It is vital to pay close attention to any indicators that are lit on your vehicle’s dashboard. A warning sign of a malfunctioning thermostat that shows itself in the early stage is an illuminated check engine notification, either with or without a corresponding code. For instance, a P0128 error is displayed when the engine is having a rough time regulating temperature. This result is usually due to a faulty thermostat or a defect that is situated within the engine control module. A code like the aforementioned leads to the presumption that the engine is working at an out-of-range cold temperature because it is unable to produce heat and distribute coolant into the engine as it should. 

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Seeping Antifreeze 

Antifreeze leaks are bound to happen when a vehicle’s thermostat is shoddy. If your vehicle’s motor is idling at an exceedingly high temperature, antifreeze can overrun components that are in close proximity. Signs of such an issue are either the presence of white smoke or a pungent sweet smell when the motor is running. 

Distressing Temperature Indicator

Routinely scan the information that appears on your car’s dashboard so that you know what’s going on, including the state of the thermostat’s current ability. If you see that readings are remarkably high or low, take action by bringing your auto to a professional mechanic at once so that its thermostat can be inspected. 

Clattering Sounds

Apparent noisy and clanking sounds are common signals that the thermostat is defective. This is because antifreeze that reaches unusually hot temperatures often causes ruckus within a car’s engine bay. Sounds such as these may be even more noticeable while you are accelerating. Additional problems that occur at the same time as the odd banging noises like a sweet, burning smell or white smoke coming out of the vehicle’s exhaust system may indicate a coolant leak related to your automobile’s thermostat. 

Inoperative Heater

You don’t have to worry about not having heat in your vehicle when the weather gets cold as long as your thermostat is robust and healthy. The moment you realize that adequate heat is only sporadic or you hear a startling sound while trying to turn on the heat, take your auto immediately to a trusted technician to have the thermostat carefully examined. Note that a flawed thermostat can damage a vehicle’s heating system, and even more so if it is jammed in the “open” mode. 

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