Signs Your Battery Is Running Low

Illuminated Indicator  

A lit symbol on the dashboard of your vehicle must always be investigated for its meaning. Review the owner’s manual for your make and model to determine if the problem is with your battery. It is vital to bring your automobile to a trusted professional to have the battery tested since your technician can assess if it is functioning at full capacity. 

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Slow Starting Engine 

As with many things in life, the elements of a car’s battery will become worn over time and begin to compromise the integrity and proper workings of the battery. This issue will result in a delay in the battery being able to produce a charge for the starter. Therefore, it will take several seconds longer than it normally would for your auto’s engine to turn over. 

Electrical Problems 

A battery is responsible for supplying power to all of the electronic components in a vehicle. When the battery weakens and starts to lose its ability to charge adequately, the electronic equipment will not have the energy to operate at total capacity. Telltale signs of a struggling battery include difficulties with the radio, heated seats, dashboard computer, cell phone charger, and lights that are noticeably more dim than normal.

Rusty Battery Connectors

The effects of corrosion can wreak havoc on an automobile’s battery. The unsightly presence of a white, ashy residue on metal parts of the battery is an unmistakable red flag that corrosion is occurring. If the terminals are rusted, this can cause complications in terms of voltage and problems with starting your car.

Something Surely Stinks

Damage to a battery or having an internal short can create a gas leak. If the noxious odor of rotten eggs hits you like a ton of bricks when you open your auto’s hood, take your vehicle to an expert in the field as soon as possible for diagnosis and remedy. 

Deformed Battery Case

Mother Nature’s mood can have a negative effect on your car’s battery. Subjection to extreme weather conditions like intense heat or freezing temperatures have the potential to cause swelling and cracking of a battery case. Your battery should always remain rectangular in its shape in order to be working correctly.

Aged Battery

Vehicle batteries usually have lifespans of anywhere between three and five years. Factors like environmental climate, electronic usage, and driving styles all play a hand in contributing to the longevity of an individual battery. To be on the cautious side, have a qualified pro test your battery performance on a routine basis, particularly once it celebrates its third birthday and afterward.

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