When Do I Need an Alignment for My Vehicle?

Often, drivers ask when they need a wheel alignment for their vehicle. If you are asking yourself this question, you likely need to take your vehicle in for a service at a reputable mechanic like the ones at Dave’s Auto Repair for a wheel alignment. 

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Taking your vehicle in for a wheel alignment will ensure your wheels are pointed in the right direction when you drive, leading to a smoother ride and a safer experience. Additionally, if you fail to routinely take your vehicle in to be aligned, you risk reduced fuel economy, steering difficulties, and premature tire wear. 

Yet, knowing when you need an alignment for your vehicle can be challenging. That’s why we’ve shared a few helpful tips, including what causes your vehicle to lose alignment and how often it needs to be aligned. 

How Do You Know You Need An Alignment For Your Vehicle? 

Most drivers don’t want to be left in the lurch and have no idea when their vehicle needs to be aligned. Not only do you risk your safety but also your vehicles. 

Fortunately, a few easy signs tell you when you need an alignment for your vehicle, and all you will need is to use your eyes, ears, and hands. Once you’ve determined it is unaligned, you can let a trustworthy mechanic do the rest. But before you do that, here are the common signs you’re vehicle is poorly aligned: 

  • Your car is constantly pulling to one side. 
  • You’ve noticed squealing tires. 
  • Your tires are experiencing uneven or rapid wear. 
  • Your vehicle steering is crooked when you’re driving straight. 

Should you notice any of these symptoms of alignment issues, you might want to consider booking an alignment check at Dave’s Auto Repair to get your vehicle back on track. 

What Causes Your Vehicle To Lose Alignment? 

So what causes your vehicle to lose its alignment? Usually, driving conditions, vehicle alterations, and general wear cause the wheels of a car to lose alignment. However, there are a few other common causes that we’ve discussed below: 

  • Tires: Putting new tires on your vehicle, even if they are the same brand and type, can cause you to lose alignment. Simple tire rotations can also affect your car’s alignment because every tire wears slightly differently. 
  • Accidents and impacts: Unfortunately, sometimes, no matter what you do, a minor or major accident can occur. Minor accidents can cause your vehicle wheels to lose alignment. Additionally, general impacts like driving over potholes or a concrete barrier while parking can also cause misalignment. 

These are only two instances of how your vehicle’s alignment can be affected. 

How Often Do You Need An Alignment For Your Vehicle?

Now that you know when your vehicle needs alignment and what causes it to become misaligned, you’re likely curious about how often it should be aligned. 

Usually, how often you’ll need to take your car to a mechanic to get it aligned will depend on your road conditions and how you drive since bad roads and reckless driving can cause alignment issues. 

If you practice good driving habits and typically travel decent roads, it’s recommended that you take your vehicle in to be aligned every 6,000 miles. 

Let Dave’s Auto Repair Handle Your Alignment Issues

Fixing your vehicle alignment needs to be a priority if you drive often and want to be safe on the road without compromising the condition of your vehicle. Should you be unsure about your current alignment, you might want to bring it to one of our expert mechanics at Dave’s Auto Repair to check for you. 

We have the equipment needed to evaluate and fix your car’s alignment issues so let us know by booking an alignment service here. We look forward to helping you.

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