What Happens During an AC Inspection

You know you should have routine maintenance performed on your car, but do you know what is actually happening during this maintenance? If you’re interested in learning what happens during an AC inspection, continue on.

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The first step in any routine maintenance is scheduling your appointment. After the people at the front desk have you registered, you are ready for your vehicle to receive A/C maintenance.

Once your car is in the mechanic’s garage, the mechanic sets the thermostat for cooling. When the thermostat is turned on, they check the filters for any clogs or problems.

If a problem is identified, the mechanic will tend to it. If no problems are found, the next step is to wash the outside condenser coil to remove any dirt or grass clipping that accumulated. This blockage can shorten the lifespan of your equipment if it is not removed.

Up next, the mechanic will disassemble the outside unit and check the connections, contractors, capacitors, and wiring. They look for wear, tear, rusting, and oil spots. If any of this is noticed, it is further inspected to be sure no problem is starting.

The unit is then put back together and the mechanic moves to the inside unit. When inspecting the inside unit, the mechanic looks at the condition of the evaporator coil and drains the pan for any algae or mold that may have built up. In high-humidity areas, such as Florida, the evaporator coil can experience an excess of moisture that leads to the production of mold.

After the outside and inside of the unit are disconnected, inspected, and reassembled, the amperage of the compressor and fan motors are inspected. After all of the pressures are recorded and if the numbers check out, the maintenance is complete.

Warm weather is right around the corner, so be sure your A/C is running right. You can schedule A/C maintenance at Dave’s Auto Repair. We are offering a $19.95 A/C inspection, so schedule online and we will respond in 24 hours or less!

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