Spring Services for Your Ford

Did you spend all winter dreaming about undertaking road trips in the spring? Well, the time has come since spring is rolling around, and as the temperatures rise, it’s time to start planning your next trips and outdoor activities. 

However, before you get your traveling underway, you must ensure your car can get you where you need to be. This means you need to look at taking your Ford for the spring services it needs. In our article, Dave’s Auto Repair team has detailed a few of the spring services your Ford needs to perform how it should this season. 

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What Are A Few Of The Most Important Spring Services For Your Ford?

There are quite a few services you can book for your Ford, so it can be a little challenging to determine which services to have performed on your vehicle. To help you in this situation, we’ve listed the most important spring services for your Ford below. 

  1. Wheel Alignment Service

If you don’t align your wheels this spring, you risk being unable to drive straight, which could lead to risky situations on the road. 

Luckily if you get a wheel alignment service done on your car, you won’t have this worry, and spring is the perfect time to do it since you need to have this service done every couple of thousand miles. This is especially true if you often drive since your vehicle wheels are more likely to encounter uneven roads, potholes, and other adverse road conditions. 

During a wheel alignment service, a mechanic will inspect your vehicle and adjust your car’s suspension system and steering to ensure everything is in alignment. This process can be involved, so it’s best to have a professional do it. 

  1. Oil & Filter Service

Your Ford engine needs an oil and filter service this spring to run properly. Regular oil and filter changes help ensure your vehicle maintains a healthy engine and continues performing how it should. New oil lubricates and cools your car’s engine while filtering out impurities that could harm your engine. 

Unfortunately, oil ages which are why it needs to be replaced, and the same can be said for filters that become clogged with dirt and other impurities. 

Although changing the oil can be a hassle, you don’t need to handle this task alone. Instead, you can get one of our technicians to do it for you at Dave’s Auto Repair. 

  1. Battery Service

For many people, winter damages or kills their batteries, so don’t find it too surprising if your battery is on its last legs. After all, low temperatures can force your battery to work harder, and this can slow down the chemical reactions within it. With hot temperatures nearly upon us, the sweltering heat will evaporate the remaining essential battery fluids and cause erosion. 

Since it’s unlikely that you want to experience a dead battery and be stuck without wheels, it’s a good idea to book your Ford in for a battery service. During this service, a technician will check your battery to determine if it needs to be serviced or replaced. 

No matter where you’re planning to travel this spring, whether it’s daily school runs or an extensively planned road trip, bring your Ford to Daves’s Auto Repair for auto service. We can help you with wheel alignments, battery checks, and oil and filter changes, and more to give you the peace of mind you need this spring. So contact us here to book a service and let us do our job and ensure your Ford is well maintained to keep you safe.