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Hunting for a Good Mechanic? Just Look Behind the Counter

Any shop will tell you that they’re honest and value their customers above all else. At the same time, most vehicle owners know little about either their vehicle to know otherwise. The general rule seems to be that if it runs, that’s good enough. A wise consumer should look for a mechanic that goes beyond the bare minimum and is an advocate to customer, one who tries to educate them about their vehicle and the choices they make to maintain it.

In more concrete terms, and beyond customer advocacy and customer service, the easiest way to identify the skill and integrity of a business is by looking behind the counter.
Today, we’ll discuss how conspicuous awards and certifications speak volumes to a business’ reputation at a time when most consumers feel overwhelmed and ignorant. If you don’t see these proudly displayed, you should feel comfortable inquiring with the service writer or business owner as to whether they hold any of the following certifications:


Look for the trademark blue seal whenever you take your car in for an auto repair. If you don’t see it, ask the owner how many ASE tested and certified technicians/ Master Techs are on staff. Currently, Dave’s Auto Repair employs not one but two certified Master Technicians. If you find that a shop has no technicians with ASE training, beware. ASE certifications is a near standard in the industry, and a responsible shop will stay ahead of lapses in their employees’ certifications.