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Improve Gas Mileage in Sarasota

Do you find yourself filling up more often than you used to in Sarasota? Do you have a clue what your average highway/city MPG is on I-94 or driving through downtown, or what it should be? Bad gas mileage is caused by one of three factors: driving conditions, environmental conditions and/or vehicle conditions.


Road conditions in Sarasota

Frequent braking followed by brief spurts of acceleration at low-speeds can have an adverse affect on your gas mileage. Consider alternate routes, but think twice before skipping the major highways–like I-94, I-84 and I-43 altogether–as city stoplights and stop signs might be just as bad on your mileage as stop-and-go traffic on the freeway.

Unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t leave your car idling. Sure, shutting off and restarting your car does require some additional reserves, but if you’re going to idle for more than two to three minutes, consider saving the heat or the AC for a moment and kill the engine. That goes for when you’re waiting outside to pick up a friend, waiting in the parking lot, queuing up in the drive-thru or waiting out a major traffic jam.

Speed limits in Sarasota

Speed is another factor. Every car has a unique spot where it become most fuel efficient. This is usually at highway speeds above 50 and below 80. However, to determine the best spot for your vehicle, you’ll have to check your own MPG at different speeds over a long trip. Also keep in mind that you can save on energy costs by only using the A/C on the highway and keeping the windows rolled down otherwise.

Not only are excessive lane changes on the highway dangerous, they can also be bad on your gas mileage. Just like when you’re in stop-and-go traffic, constant braking and short periods of acceleration will burn extra fuel. Finally, try to find more even grades and avoid big hills and bumpy roads, if possible. Try to keep your vehicle in 3rd gear whenever passes at moderate speeds.

Vehicle conditions in Sarasota

The following list of adverse vehicle conditions should be identified early and brought into your local mechanic for further inspection as they result in lowered overall performance and fuel economy.

* Braking noise, drag or wear

* Bad alignment (usually indicated by a pull or drift from the steering column)

* Tire inflation (see “Weather Conditions”)

Cheap gas prices in Sarasota

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