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Service and Repair of Oldsmobile

Oldsmobile is another classic line of cars familiar to almost all Americans. It gets its name from Ransom E. Olds, an auto pioneer who cofounded an early automotive company called Olds Motor Vehicle Company in 1897. At one point, their premier product, the Curved Dash, was the best-selling car in America. In 1908, Ransom Olds left the company, it was sold to General Motors, and became a line of vehicles known as Oldsmobile.

Although the brand ended in 2004, Oldsmobile lasted as long as it did for several reasons, including its ability to address multiple niche markets. While some models were designed with power and capable of seating seven people, others were known for speed and handling. Oldsmobile would undergo several permutations throughout the 20th century, even setting a speed record of 257-mph with the Aerotech model in the 1980’s. In the ’90s, Oldsmobile’s Guidestar became the first car to pace and win the Indy 500 in the same year.

Whether it’s taking care of the performance level or maintaining the basic functionality of your Oldsmobile, Dave’s Auto Repair is Sarasota’s best service shop. We’re always ready for the task. We do oil changes, brake service, AC repair, fuel injections, timing belts, transmission service, engine repair, battery service, and more. We service Oldsmobile models as well as vehicles from dozens of manufacturers. Our technicians are quick, certified, and versatile – always dedicated to prompt customer service.

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"I dropped into Dave’s without an appointment based on their stellar reviews for an ac repair. Jessica was immediately friendly, professional, and attentive. Based on the diagnosis, they definitely could have overcharged me and taken advantage, but Eric went the extra mile and was able to get my ac working and blowing cold again without even having to replace any parts. In a business where honesty and integrity may not always be the priority, I found that to be the priority at Dave’s. Highly recommended."

Sharon M.
Sarasota, FL


"I had been having long term intermittent issues with my Dodge Ram 1500. The battery would randomly discharge entirely. The problem was occurring more and more frequently and the Dodge dealer was stymied. After seeing reviews for Dave's Auto Repair, I called for an appointment and took my truck to them...... Within a few days the problem was diagnosed and the most cost effective repair was done. "

Michael M.
Sarasota, FL