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Tips for Prius owners to increase fuel mileage:

Don't forget that Dave's Auto Repair can keep your Prius efficient and green for many years to come! Give us a call at 941-371-5981 to schedule an appointment now!

  1. Use the right oil! Toyota recommends it's own 0w20 in all Prius applications (we stock genuine Toyota 0w20 oil & filters!). All oils are not created equal so be sure to use the right oil.
  2. Toyota recommends not overfilling ............ When it is at it's best level, it should read .2 under the full mark.
  3. Be sure to replace tires with "low rolling resistance: tires whenever they are worn.
  4. Inflate tires to 42 pounds in the front & 40 pounds in the rear
  5. Change the cabin air or pollen filter at Toyota recommended intervals. Hard to believe but this will improve the efficiency o f the air conditioning by using less energy & therefore increasing fuel mileage!