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Jessica and Mike are the new owners of Dave's Auto Repair.  Dave and Karan did a wonderful job developing a reputation for being trust worthy and honest after 42 years in business.  The new owners have big shoes to fill, but Jessica is up to the challenge and also comes with a reputation in the dealership world as being honorable and a strict regard for what is morally right.

The business started in 1978 and moved into its current location in 1985.  Throughout the decades, Dave's Auto Repair has made a name for itself for being able to diagnose difficult and unusual vehicle issues.  Sometime, other repair shops will even bring their problem cars to us for programming & troubleshooting!  Our Sarasota mechanics are able to program not only your car's computer but numerous other modules that must be programed when a new part is installed in your car.  We have a fantastic team of techs with a diverse background that enables us to specialize in Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda, BMW, VW, Audi, Mercedes, and much more!!  We also take a lot of pride in our shop appearance and cleanliness.  We will take excellent care of your vehicle while you have entrusted us with it.  Looking forward to your call!

- Jessica, Mike, Jan, James and John!
Your local Sarasota Mechanics and Team