Fiat Repair

Service and Repair of Fiat

Fiat has built iconic Italian automobiles for over 120 years. Fiat vehicles combine enjoyable performance with eye-catching style. Some Fiats even come with all-wheel drive, allowing drivers to push the limits and explore new heights. When you invest in a Fiat, you're investing in a fun, high-quality car. To take the best possible care of your investment, have your Fiat serviced by professionals.

Dave's Auto Repair offers outstanding professional Fiat care. Our team can tend to your vehicle's needs with remarkable talent and skill. In addition to our qualified service team, we also have a customer service team dedicated to making your experience as positive as possible.

Many shops are focused on getting your vehicle in and out as fast as possible. At Dave's Auto Repair, we care about time, but our real goal is to provide the most precise and thorough service possible. We're here to answer any questions you may have along the way. We want to make sure you feel in the loop and cared for during your service at our shop.

Fiat Service Sarasota

We can tend to your Fiat's needs, whatever those needs may be. If your vehicle needs a simple oil change, make a stop at Dave's. If your Fiat has been in an accident and needs more serious repairs, we can handle that at Dave's too. We can also perform routine repairs and maintenance to all parts of your Fiat.

For comprehensive care and unbeatable service, care for your Fiat with Dave's Auto Repair. Whether you need routine maintenance or repairs or replacements, reach out to us by calling 941-371-5981. We are located at 4547 Bee Ridge Rd. in Sarasota, FL, and we look forward to helping you maintain your Fiat.





"I dropped into Dave’s without an appointment based on their stellar reviews for an ac repair. Jessica was immediately friendly, professional, and attentive. Based on the diagnosis, they definitely could have overcharged me and taken advantage, but Eric went the extra mile and was able to get my ac working and blowing cold again without even having to replace any parts. In a business where honesty and integrity may not always be the priority, I found that to be the priority at Dave’s. Highly recommended."

Sharon M.
Sarasota, FL


"I had been having long term intermittent issues with my Dodge Ram 1500. The battery would randomly discharge entirely. The problem was occurring more and more frequently and the Dodge dealer was stymied. After seeing reviews for Dave's Auto Repair, I called for an appointment and took my truck to them...... Within a few days the problem was diagnosed and the most cost effective repair was done. "

Michael M.
Sarasota, FL