Lift Kits and Custom Suspensions

Transform Your Ride with Lift Kits from
Dave's Auto Repair

Welcome to Dave's Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL, where your dream of a lifted truck or upgraded suspension system becomes a reality. Whether you're looking to enhance the off-road capabilities of your Jeep or give your truck an aggressive stance, our expert team is here to provide top-notch lift kit installations and custom suspension solutions.

Why Choose Dave's Auto Repair for Your Lift Kit Needs?

Expertise in Lifted Trucks and Custom Suspensions 

Our technicians have extensive experience in installing lift kits and custom suspensions. We understand the intricacies of suspension systems and ensure that every installation is performed to the highest standards. Your vehicle will perform and drive better than new!

Quality Products 

At Dave's Auto Repair, we use only the best lift kits and suspension components from trusted manufacturers. This ensures durability, performance, and safety for your lifted truck or Jeep. Radflo, Apex Chassis, Teraflex, Falon, and Fox Suspension to name a few.

Customized Solutions 

Every vehicle and driver has unique needs. Our team works with you to design and install a suspension system tailored to your specific requirements, whether it's for off-roading adventures or making a statement on the streets. After installation we have a custom alignment done to ensure great drivability.

Comprehensive Services 

From initial consultation and selection of the perfect lift kit to professional installation and post-installation support, Dave's Auto Repair provides a comprehensive range of services to meet all your suspension needs.

Safety and Performance

We prioritize your safety and vehicle performance. Our lift kit installations not only enhance the aesthetics of your truck or Jeep but also maintain the vehicle’s stability and handling.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Suspension at Dave's Auto Repair

Enhanced Off-Road Capabilities 

For Jeep enthusiasts and off-road adventurers, a custom suspension lift kit provides increased ground clearance, allowing you to conquer rough terrains with ease.

Improved Vehicle Appearance 

A lifted truck stands out on the road with an aggressive and commanding presence. Upgrading your suspension can transform the look of your vehicle, making it a true head-turner.

Better Ride Quality

Upgrading your suspension can lead to a smoother ride, whether you're navigating city streets or hitting the trails. Our custom solutions are designed to enhance comfort and performance.

Versatility and Functionality

Lift kits and custom suspensions provide additional space for larger tires, improving traction and off-road capabilities. This upgrade is perfect for those who require versatility in their vehicles.

Increased Resale Value

A professionally installed lift kit can increase the resale value of your truck or Jeep by appealing to buyers looking for a vehicle with enhanced capabilities and aesthetics.

Our Lift Kit and Suspension Services Include:

  • Jeep Lift Kits: Specifically designed to enhance the performance and look of your Jeep, our lift kits are perfect for off-road enthusiasts and Jeep lovers.

  • Custom Suspension Upgrades: Tailored to meet your specific needs, our custom suspension upgrades ensure optimal performance and style.

  • Professional Installation: Our experienced technicians provide meticulous installation services, ensuring your lift kit or suspension upgrade is done right the first time.

  • Post-Installation Support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance to keep your lifted truck or Jeep performing at its best.

Get Started with Dave's Auto Repair

Ready to elevate your driving experience with a lift kit or custom suspension upgrade? Trust Dave's Auto Repair in Sarasota, FL, for expert service and unbeatable results.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover the perfect lift kit solution for your vehicle. Visit Dave’s Auto Repair or call (941) 371-5981 to learn more. Let us help you transform your truck or Jeep into the ultimate road warrior!






"I dropped into Dave’s without an appointment based on their stellar reviews for an ac repair. Jessica was immediately friendly, professional, and attentive. Based on the diagnosis, they definitely could have overcharged me and taken advantage, but Eric went the extra mile and was able to get my ac working and blowing cold again without even having to replace any parts. In a business where honesty and integrity may not always be the priority, I found that to be the priority at Dave’s. Highly recommended."

Sharon M.
Sarasota, FL


"I had been having long term intermittent issues with my Dodge Ram 1500. The battery would randomly discharge entirely. The problem was occurring more and more frequently and the Dodge dealer was stymied. After seeing reviews for Dave's Auto Repair, I called for an appointment and took my truck to them...... Within a few days the problem was diagnosed and the most cost effective repair was done. "

Michael M.
Sarasota, FL