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Service and Repair of Genesis

The Hyundai Genesis has been around since 2009 with its midsize sedan model and ever since drivers have been flocking to it. Being Hyundai’s first luxury vehicle, it defeated all the odds and was able to create a nice following for itself. One of the reasons this is because Genesis had an emphasis on value. It also made sure to pack in a mass amount of space with an emphasis on comfort. On top of those perks, drivers enjoyed not only its versatility but also its affordability. Genesis persevered through a recession, various stigmas, and a lot more. Today, it’s still one of the most top-selling vehicles on the market.

Dave’s Auto Repair shop offers the best service and repair of Genesis vehicles today in the Sarasota area. The second that any customer walks through our door, we make sure that service is the top priority first and foremost. Because at the end of the day, great service equals memorable service. But it also means that your Genesis will be driving around for more years to come.

The thing is, a lot of shops today and even in the past have put a heavy focus on fixing a vehicle’s issue as quickly as possible. They almost steal their methods from the fast-food industry. We agree that it’s important that no second should be wasted, but at the same time doing the job correctly and with precision matters just as much. It takes knowing the vehicle and understanding the ins and outs of that vehicle that helps to resolve its issues in a way that you don’t have to worry about them returning. Each model has its own driver as well with different habits. But our technicians are experts in understanding how habits can impact a vehicle’s overall health. Whether it’s worn down brake pads, or transmission issues, no problem is too big or small for Dave’s Auto Repair.

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Are you in need of repair for your Genesis? Then look no further than Sarasota’s most trusted mechanics at Dave’s Auto Repair. We’ve been a trusted name in Sarasota since 1978. But not only that, throughout the years we’ve had over 300 FIVE STAR REVIEWS from the ones we take pride in servicing—our loyal customers. We have a plethora of ASE Master Certified Technicians ready to help. Come on down today!





"I dropped into Dave’s without an appointment based on their stellar reviews for an ac repair. Jessica was immediately friendly, professional, and attentive. Based on the diagnosis, they definitely could have overcharged me and taken advantage, but Eric went the extra mile and was able to get my ac working and blowing cold again without even having to replace any parts. In a business where honesty and integrity may not always be the priority, I found that to be the priority at Dave’s. Highly recommended."

Sharon M.
Sarasota, FL


"I had been having long term intermittent issues with my Dodge Ram 1500. The battery would randomly discharge entirely. The problem was occurring more and more frequently and the Dodge dealer was stymied. After seeing reviews for Dave's Auto Repair, I called for an appointment and took my truck to them...... Within a few days the problem was diagnosed and the most cost effective repair was done. "

Michael M.
Sarasota, FL